Hot Dogs, A Christmas Tradition?

I'm kinda a fly by the seat of your pants gal.  I don't plan ahead much, I generally go where the wind takes me.  My husband is the same way.  It sounds rather exciting when I read it, but here is how it affected our Christmas meals.

I shopped for our christmas dinner fixings a few days before dinner.  Since I'm always looking for a bargain, I chose turkey for a main course since it was on sale.  We'd have potatoes and broccoli and squash for sides and complete our christmas meal with cupcakes in honor of Jesus' birthday.

Christmas eve came upon us and we were all cozy in the house when I realized we needed to eat something for dinner on christmas eve.  Hmmm, looking in the refrigerator there seemed to be nothing worthy of a christmas eve celebration.  I hadn't planned ahead very well.  My husband and I decided to prepare hot dogs on the grill.  :D

Contrary to my inclination to go with the wind, I did manage to pull the ten pound turkey from the freezer on christmas eve so that it would thaw in time for christmas dinner.  Those of you who are experienced with frozen turkey are quite possibly gasping right now. (or laughing?)  Yes, I didn't think about how long it takes to thaw a frozen turkey.  Needless to say, our turkey was not anywhere near ready to cook for Christmas dinner.  So, back to the refrigerator.

I found a cornish game hen in the freezer which I promptly took out and began to thaw in cold water.  When the time came I seasoned it and placed it in the oven.  Since I was so frazzled from the earlier setback of a frozen turkey and the possibility of hot dogs for dinner again, (on christmas!) I didn't think to put in any pototoes for a side dish or prepare other sides until I peeked at the hen with 15 minutes left in the oven.  So, when all was said and done, we ended up eating a cornish game hen (thank goodness the kids don't eat much!), garlic toast and frozen green beans for our christmas dinner.

This was our first christmas with just the five of us in the house.  We were looking forward to a nice quiet weekend in which we would prepare all the food, exchange gifts and begin a few family traditions while the kids are still young.  We started a few traditions all right.  I'm just not sure that christmas eve hot dogs and frozen turkey dinner are something I want to continue.  :D

We were able to enjoy our turkey with all the fixings the day after christmas and we did manage to prepare the cupcakes in time to sing happy birthday to Jesus on his birthday, so all was not lost.  In fact, since we ate our holiday meal a day late, we were able to give Jesus an encore presentation of happy birthday.  I'm quite sure he enjoyed that.  And so did we.


  1. You sound just like me! Yet, somehow it all seems to work out and Jesus was glorified no matter what! We have Pizza Hut every Christmas Eve...right up there with hot dogs, only I don't have to prepare OR clean up! :) Enjoy the rest of the year and God bless!

  2. LOL being together is all that dogs or not :)


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