Picking Strawberries

The whole family jumped in the car and headed out to a local strawberry farm to pick strawberries. When we arrived we found our strawberry picking containers. One large one for the family and three individual ones for the kids. M found another use for her container.....
Then we waited for the wagon to pick us up and take us out to the field ...

After we hopped onto the wagon, the driver gave M strict instructions that she is not to come back without red all around her mouth and told her she was to eat as many strawberries as she liked. When we got to the field and found our spot, M wasted no time eating as many strawberries as she liked...

And soon tired of picking strawberries and decided to figure out how the sprinkler worked...

L and E worked right beside us to pick the best berries and when our container was full, M did her "strawberry dance" to celebrate a job well done and we stopped to pose for a family photo with dad behind the camera.

It was a berry good day!


  1. Does this ever bring back sweet memories of when my older kids were little and I'd take them with me to pick strawberries :-) Then they got older and my father-in-law would take them while I stayed home with the littles. They loved it because Grandpa always stopped at the ice cream shoppe on the way home :-)

    Tammy ~@~


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