Celebrating Us

Today my husband and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.

We went to high school together in a small town. I first noticed him when we were sophomores and in the same english class. He was a skater dude and I was a good girl with a big crush on him. I remember dreaming up some story about my brother wanting a skateboard and asking Patrick (my husband) what kind he would recommend, just to get a chance to talk to him. My crush lasted a little while until I found out, through the grapevine, that Patrick was not interested in me.

Life goes on, we graduated from high school and were doing our own things until we ran into each other on a cold January night. We chatted briefly and parted company. We ended up running into each other one other time when Patrick mentioned that his birthday was coming up in March. I then called him on his birthday to extend my wishes. Now you have to understand that I've already labelled myself a good girl, and as such, I had never called a boy in my life up until that time. And, I called him again a few weeks later to ask him out! And, he said yes! We arranged for me to pick him up one day after his college class was over and much to my bemusement I walked into the common area to find him sleeping on the couch. (I had so many butterflies in my stomach that sleeping wouldn't even have been an option!) After waking him up, we headed to pizza hut where we shared pizza, conversation and the bill.

Fast forward to 2009. We have shared many ups and downs in life. We have three beautiful children, one cute dog and a life rich with blessings. I wouldn't have wanted to walk this road with anyone else by my side. Thank you Patrick for all the wonderful memories and thrilling adventures. Happy Anniversary!

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-for your love is more delightful than wine. (Song of Songs 1:2)