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In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. Kailani at An Island Life is embracing this custom with her weekly Aloha Friday posts, so I thought that today I would take it easy on posting, too.

My husband and I have come to a turning point in our lives. As many of you know my husband was laid off a few months ago and has yet to find a new job. He has an associate degree in mechanical design and 12 years experience in his field. He is stuck between a rock and a hard place because he has so much experience that he is over-qualified for many positions, but does not have the bachelor degree that many positions require.

He is contemplating returning to school to attain a bachelor degree in engineering and we are trying to figure out how to do this.

I would like to know what you wanted to be (or do) when you "grew up"? Are you doing that now?

I went to college right out of high school and was struggling academically with a 'C' average. I was missing my family and friends back home and wasn't "in the mood" for school. I was also feeling pressured to declare a major and figure out what I wanted in life. One day my roommate simply asked me, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" The first thing that came to mind was, be a wife and mother. I finished out my year in college and never went back. Today I am the wife of a wonderful man and mother of three lovely children.

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  1. I wanted to be a mom. Check! :)

  2. That's a tough spot to be in and sorry that your family has to go through this. It sounds like he would be better off to get his bachelor degree and with an associate already complete may not take as long.

    It's interesting because I don't have a college degree however I know how important they are. I am "certified" in my field and have to stay current. I'm still trying to get as much education as possible because I never know when/if my company may go through the same struggles. No one is immune to layoffs and I'm constantly trying to think of ways to bring something extra "just in case" I have to rely on it.

    I would think even with his experience he should be able to find something somewhere even if it requires a move. Good luck, hope it all works out.

  3. I wanted to be a Veterinarian but I don't think I would choose that profession today.

  4. I wanted to do International Business but I took 1 class in college and hated it. Now I have no idea!

  5. I think I wanted to be a journalist....although I never went to school for it unfortunately. I am now a stay at home mom, and that seems to work just fine for me :)
    Maybe someday I'll go back! It's never too late!

  6. I wanted to be a photographer...I kinda do it with my daughter...but not anything professional. I would like to get back into it, but right now just isn't the time! I also wanted to be a wife and mommy, and I get to do that!

  7. I wanted to be an accountant. Nope I am not doing that now. I am a stay at home mom who is going back to school for medical coding. Don't get me wrong I love working with numbers but I just don't want to do it anymore.

  8. I wanted to do all sorts of things. Sing, dance, act, become an artist, an attorney. Oh well, now I have new dreams.

  9. I wanted to be a teacher and I am now :D

  10. My husband is in a similar boat--he's been laid off since December. He was in pharmaceuticals--hates it, but good money...if we had known how long he'd be unemployed we might have tried harder to get him into something else. He got a job offer this week, less $ than he made 5 yrs. ago:( Anyway, I know it is tough out there. I think he should get the degree--just so he has the power:) You should check out any benefits he might get while attending school. If he doesn't have far to go, it might be worth it. Good luck!

  11. I wanted to major in English and psychology, and be a child psychologist. I never finished college (half way through my sophomore year), and if I ever get to go back I would like to study history, and do something with that.

  12. I really never decided. Then through out life opportunities presented themselves and often I've often said yes.

  13. Hmm, I wanted to be a teacher/missionary/flight attendant ;-)

    I am an Evangelical, homeschool-mama, who loves to fly anywhere~ to get more children (adoption). ;-) Funny how God works things in our lives for His glory!

    As far as your hubby...have you asked God what you (plural) should do? I would pray and fast before I signed up for you don't want to waste time or money if it isn't what God would have for you. God can open doors, redirect you or specifically let you know what you are to do...if you seek Him.

    You probably already have...just saying! ;-)

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  14. I grew up loving to play school with my dolls or neighbor kids. I did go to college with the intention of becoming a teacher, but due to other circumstances only went for one year. I thought perhaps that wasn't ever going to happen, yet God just brought me around a different bend in the road as I became a home school teacher to my own children :-)

    May you and your husband find God's clear direction for the future. The economy is certainly making job situations more challenging! {{{Kim}}}

    Tammy ~@~


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