The 5 Hour Dinner, or So I Thought

I am not a good cook. More to the point, I am not a patient cook. I do not like recipes that have a lot of steps and a lot of ingredients (there is always that one ingredient that I do not have in the cupboard). I also have little to no practice cooking large amounts of food. Today I embarked on a cooking adventure which was only supposed to take a few hours. Instead it turned into an all day experience. I made lasagna. Lasagna you say, taking all day?? Yep. That's because I was making it. I was making a double recipe so that I could have two. One for us and one for my in-laws. Step one, brown the meat. Ah yes. I was doomed from the beginning you see. I have only one 2 QT. skillet and I needed to brown four pounds of hamburger. No problem, I'll just do two batches. Then I forgot to brown the onions with the meat. Hmmm. Ok, no problem, I'll just brown the onions separately. Oh, but first I needed to wash the skillet. Not to bore you with all the minute details, I'll skip a few things and bring the story to the part where I needed oregano. I didn't have oregano in the house. ::sigh:: So, I loaded all three children in the car and headed to the store for oregano.
I came home with oregano, one lemon, cream cheese, apples, green beans, corn, nectarines, yogurt, eggs, bananas, parmesan cheese and dare I forget, ice cream sandwiches! But I digress...
I added the oregano, layered the lasagna, one for us and one for my in-laws. Put the in-laws in the freezer and cleaned up the kitchen. After all was said and done, I had at least 5 hours invested in this meal if not more. Guess what we had for dinner?
Hot dogs!!


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