Love Your Neighbor

We've all had them. Those neighbors that make you raise your eyebrows sometimes. Maybe you make your neighbors raise their eyebrows. Whichever way it works, you know what I mean.
I have a neighbor who will go out of her way to avoid me. Like tonight. I was coming around the side of the garage and there she was. Eye contact was made. Then, she turned around and walked all the way around to the other side of her house to avoid me.
I don't know why our "relationship" is like this. I don't know how long it will last. I do know that I pray daily to be able to love my neighbor. And, I know that God's timing is perfect. Someday maybe we'll be able to meet at the lot line and share a hug.


  1. I am sorry if that annoys or hurts you... But I am the have 7 neighbours ( there is seven duplexes next to eachother) And I am the one ignoring/ try to ignore the others.. They are just noisy & scream @ their children constantly... So on the other hand, the one neighbour lady ignores me.. Fine with me.. I cant chit chat all the time like they want to .. Hey I live here.. but I wish I had intelligant & good neighbours.. THen hey lets be friends... :)

    So like your blog & will come back for more..:)



    P.S Are you on twitter?

  2. Hey.. I couldn see my comment... Now wait for aprovall...mmm.. Dont know if I made any spelling mastakes... O well


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