A "Dee Dah Day"

I'm reading The Life You've Always Wanted by John Ortberg for a small group study. This week's chapter is titled "A "Dee Dah Day"".

John tells us to set aside a day a week to designate it as our personal Dee Dah Day. "Devote a specific day to acts of celebration so that eventually joy will infuse your entire life. One day a week eat foods you love to eat, listen to music that moves your soul, play a sport that stretches and challenges you...."

Today is my Dee Dah Day! I'm going to have tacos for dinner, listen to Mercy Me, read a chapter of Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur, keep the house clean (a key to keeping a smile on my face), play with the kids outside, take a nice long hot shower and dress in something that makes me happy. Most of all I'm going to give thanks to God for his wonderful goodness!

Happy Dee Dah Day!!