One of today's lessons was a practical lesson on how to clean the toilet bowl. When I first approached the subject there was the usual protest. "I don't want to clean the toilet!" "That's too hard!" Most of the loud protesting came from E. L was more silent in his protest. Running to a chair, throwing himself in it and silently sulking.

Time for the lesson. We gathered in the bathroom, angry eyebrows being worn by all my pupils. "First, you flush the toilet," Mom said. "Then, you lift the lid and the toilet seat." On and on. This led to some questions about parts of a toilet, which led to a mini-lesson on the toilet and how we use a "western toilet". Toilets are different in other parts of the world. Some don't even have toilets ..... and so on.

Now for hands on learning. Each child was able to clean a toilet on his own. Every direction was followed, only a few questions were needed. Aah. A clean toilet. Then, what did I hear? "That was easy!" "That was fun!" E now wanted to clean the whole bathroom! Ok! We dove in. Lessons on how to clean the mirror, the bathtub, the sink, the counter.

There was much singing, laughing and teamwork! When the job was done, L said, "I want to clean the bathroom every day!"

I smiled.