June // Photo A Day Challenge // Day Four // This is So Me!

June // Day Four // This is So Me!

June // Photo A Day Challenge // Day Three // I Sat Here

Day Three // I Sat Here

June // Photo A Day Challenge // Day Two // Snack

Day Two // Snack

Stawberries and cream.

June // Photo A Day Challenge // Day One // Circle

It's June!  Every June I have a desire to be more creative.  I'm thinking it is because school is finished (or almost) and I have time to breathe and create.  Hopefully!

So, as I did a few years ago, I'm going to try my hand at Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge.  Today's prompt is Circle.

On My Daughters Bookshelf

I hesitated to purchase this bible for the kids.  Mostly because I'm old fashioned and tend to push back when culture wants to put comics in the bible.  However, I'm very glad this made it into our home.  My daughter has read it several times and it has caused her to reach for her bible more than once to gain further information about some of the accounts she read.

Dare to be Different

This weekend I went to the farmer's market with a dear friend.  Afterward, we stopped to chat over a cup of fall-inspired coffee.  Think vanilla-cinnamon and salted caramel.{sigh}  Among the various topics of conversation, we happened upon the subject of feeling judged by others for various reasons.  For me, feeling judged and being ashamed walk hand in hand.

What I didn't think to share in our conversation yesterday is that God has been at work in my heart over that very thing.  Interestingly, I was reading the book, 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs and the verse for chapter 3 is Proverbs 29:25.  Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.  Then, not too long after that, the scripture of the day on my bible app was the same verse.  For me, this amounts to God taking my face in His hands, looking me straight in the eye and asking me to focus on the heart work He is trying to do in me.

Then, my husband forwarded an articl…