Glad I Said Yes

It was superhero night at Awana.  Mason informed me the night before(!) that he'd like to go dressed as Batman.  I did what any doting mother would do and told him it was too late to pull together a Batman costume.  Then, he looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes and said, "Ok". 
What?!  That was not the response I was expecting and it caused me to rethink my no.  Together we rummaged through the fabric drawer and came up with a black piece of felt for a mask and black material that would be perfect for a cape. 

Patrick and I ran out to the store that night and purchased a Batman t-shirt (because that is what doting parents do from time to time) then we made a few folds and applied duct tape to turn Bob the Builder's tool belt into Batman's.

Mason was thrilled.  He wore the cape all night and much to my surprise, the mask lasted all through Awana too.  He even wore the t-shirt to bed that night.
The next day we had sightings of Batman everywhere in the house…

A Change of Perspective

This was the kitchen faucet on Sunday and most of the day on Monday.  Yeah, doesn't look so good, does it.  What started out as a simple repair, turned into an unrepairable wait.

I was walking the few feet to the laundry room sink for water to wash dishes and complaining (in thought) the whole time.  "I have to walk all the way to the laundry room for water."  "This is sooo inconvenient."  "Wonder how long I'll be doing this?!"  "This bucket of water is heavy!"

It was the last thought, that the bucket of water was heavy, that I thought of my sweet Compassion child who lives in Burkina Faso, Africa.  One of her FAVORITE things to do is get water!  My thoughts then turned to how privileged I was to be able to walk all the way to the laundry room for water.  How, when I made it to the laundry room in under 30 seconds, I could turn a handle and fresh, clean, cold water would pour out.

I appreciate the change of perspective.  When I showered…

simple woman's daybook

For Today...March 27, 2017
Looking out my window... a pair of mallards are dabbling in the backyard.

I am thinking... of all those in the world who don't have access to clean water.
I am thankful... for the privilege to stay at home with my children.  They grow so fast.  I was just talking to Logan about a paper he could write for school and he reminded me that he only had two more years until he graduates.  :0
One of my favorite things... dates with my honey.
I am creating... piles and piles of clutter. :)  Not by choice either. 
I am wearing... jeans, Beatles t-shirt and a cozy cardigan sweater.
I just finished reading... A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck.  A delightful tale of the adventures of Grandma Dowdel and her granddaughter Mary Alice. 
I am hoping... to have a productive Monday.  The end result would be a clutter free clean house with dinner on the table.  I think I can, I think I can...
I am learning... how to eat that frog.  In his book, Eat That Frog, Brian Tracy provides…

In the Kitchen

Patrick and I enjoy being in the kitchen together.  Whether it's baking pies or cooking dinner, it's something we look forward to, especially when we have the time.  I've been saving a chicken pot pie recipe for a few months in hopes of trying it out together.  Today was a chilly rainy day, a perfect day to try a new chicken pie.

I found the recipe on, one of my favorite sites because of the user reviews and ratings.  We made the pie as the recipe stated and served our family of six.  Most of us really liked it and we even had leftovers.  This chicken pot pie recipe is going into the recipe binder with a big Yummy! written in the margin.

On My Bookshelf

The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Leman
I am convinced that birth order influences our personalities and relationships.  There were a lot of a-ha moments for me in this book.  I learned a lot about why my brother and sister are the way they are. :)  And why my husband (the baby in the family) and I (the oldest) get along so well (most of the time).

I Choose Joy

Even as the cardinals flit from tree to tree outside and the day begins as usual, my heart is heavy.  I have been surrounded by sorrow and loss lately.  In November my cousin took his own life.  I marked the 5 year anniversary of my dad's passing on March 15th.  I received word on Friday that the sister of a friend died unexpectedly at the age of 36 and on the very next day my aunt passed away.

With so many close to me leaving this earth, one of the questions I ask is why?  Why him? Why this way? Why her?  Why now?  I don't really expect an answer to those questions because they are not my answers to know.  I think in my grief, why is the first question that arises out of my sorrow.

I took the book, A Grace Disquised by Jerry Sittser off the shelf again and opened it where I left off five years ago.  This paragraph stood out.  Thornton Wilder suggests in "The Eighth Day" that we should understand our lives as a great landscape that extends far beyond what the eye of…

Miss You Dad

Five years ago today my dad left this earth.  He left behind scarred lungs, a frail heart and oxygen tubes and tanks.  Today he is breathing heaven's air and fully restored.

After five years the grief is still with me.  So strong at times that tears roll down my cheeks and my heart literally aches.

After five years the grief is still with me.  So light at times that I smile and wonder at when we'll meet again in heaven.

I am forever changed because of my dad's life and especially after his death.  Miss you dad!

Dad and Mason