Where Does My Hope Come From?

I have two devotionals that I read in the morning.  Both written on different topics and yet today the message was the same in both.  Hope.  Both books asked the question: What do you place your hope in?  The question is followed by the statement: Whatever it is will be your guide in life.  I had to ponder that for a minute.  Wherever I place my hope, that will be my guide in life.

Hmmm, I often say, "I hope..... "  I hope you do well on that test.  I hope your day goes well.  I hope you get that job.  I hope you find what you are looking for.  I hope you feel better.  I hope my son will get through this season of fear and anxiety.  I hope I lose some weight.  I hope my daughter will make good friends.  I hope we win the softball game.  The list goes on and on.  But what if what I hope for doesn't happen?
Then what?  What is my response if that job goes to someone else?  If I don't lose weight?  We lose the softball game?  The illness lingers or worsens?  The fear an…

Carl's Sacrifice

Meet Carl.
Carl's party trick is melting.
Carl is a melting snowman that Aunt Patti brought to our family Christmas gathering.
Under the watchful eye of my mother-in-law and myself, Carl transformed.
from snowman into hot chocolate....
complete with marshmallows to enjoy with our hot chocolate.
Thanks for your sacrifice Carl.  You were delicious.

Parenting Insanity

Recently I was searching creative parenting ideas.  A few days later this popped up on Pinterest.

I chuckled out loud. This about sums it up for me and my parenting experiences over the last year or so. To say it's been a rough ride is an understatement. I am battered and bruised and still have sore muscles from the journey. Parenting is not for the faint of heart.
I wish I could tell you that I see a silver lining, but I am still surrounded by a thick fog. I am in the thick of parenting a child with anxieties I don't understand. I have a high school graduate that is unsure of his future and doesn't seem to be motivated to take a step in any direction. I am trying to get to the heart of an argumentative child and am only finding myself wanting to argue too. And the list goes on. I feel powerless and underwater and near to tears at any given moment. I have been crying out to God for help for so long my voice is hoarse.
And then, I had a brief conversation with a f…

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... January 13, 2020

Looking out my window... snow blankets the ground and the sky is a soft gray.
I am thinking... of Milo.  He is at the vet getting a cracked tooth removed and his teeth cleaned.
I am thankful... for the dishwasher, laundry machine, refrigerator and stove!  So thankful to have all these working so I don't have too.
One of my favorite things... relaxing with a cup of coffee in the company of my husband.

I am creating... signs for a tea party.
I am wearing... earrings given to me by my grandmother, a black turtleneck sweater, blue jeans and plaid sneakers.
I am watching... Victorian Farm.  A BBC documentary series following a team who live the life of Victorian farmers for a year.  Pretty interesting and one of the reasons I am SO thankful for all my appliances.  I found it on
I am hoping... the dinner fairy will come and whisper ideas in my ear for dinner tonight.  Better yet, maybe she'll make dinner for me. 
I am learning... I kinda already know…

Photo A Day, Day 12

Day 12 // In the Air

I was out shoveling some weeks ago when I heard the whoosh of a hot air balloon burner and saw this in the air.
Using the January prompts from Fat Mum Slim.

From Paris to Amsterdam, the End

Gare du Nord train station
This is the last of four posts about my trip to Europe.  If you haven't read the others,  you can start with day one here.  Just in case this is your first time reading my blog, I must tell you that I'm a fan of Matt Damon.  You need to know this little tidbit to fully grasp the enormity of the photo above.  The train station I am standing in(!) has been in a few of my favorite movies.  According to Wikipedia, both the exterior and the interior of the Gare du Nord are seen in the 2002 film The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon (sigh) and again in the trilogy's finale, The Bourne Ultimatum.  It was also seen in Ocean's Twelve with Matt Damon (and others).  Aah!  How cool is that?  
Sadly Fortunately, I did not find this out until after we were no longer there, otherwise you, dear reader, would have had to endure many many photos of a train station in Paris.  And yes, Patrick knows of my fondness for Matt and tolerates the silliness without even …