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Preparing for a Flood

I thought I was doing good. We were getting ready to go and I noticed my eight-year-old's nails looked like shovels on the ends of his fingers. "Please trim your nails before we go." As he walked away I noticed his pants were too short. "Change your pants too, those are too short now." And as he was rounding the corner I yelled, "Don't forget to brush your teeth!"
Before walking out the door I asked if he had taken care of everything I asked of him. "Yes mom, I even flossed." That a boy! We all piled in the vehicle as I was mentally ticking off boxes. Coats, check. Shoes, check. (It's winter, you'd think that would be a given, but no. It has happened.) Books, bags, check. Hair, umm looks pretty good, check. Keys, wallet, cellphone, check.
We thankfully arrived at our destination, on-time no less! As Mason (the eight-year-old) is getting out of the car I notice his white socks peeking out at the ankle. While he is running ahead o…

Simple Woman's Daybook

simple woman's daybook
For Today February 12, 2019
Looking out my window... it is a snow-y, blow-y, blizzard-y and cold winter day, again.
I am thinking... how beautiful the snow is.  It's like being tucked in a blanket of white.
I am thankful... for a husband with a strong back and good work ethic.
One of my favorite things.... my built-in bookcase (and the books that live there).
I am creating... or will be creating a snowman with the kids today.

February Photo A Day // Day One // Something Blue

day one // something blue

See all the amazing photos taken by talented people from all over the world. Head over to Fat Mum Slim for the February 2019 photo a day challenge. Maybe you want to join in the fun yourself!