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Top Ten Tips for Whole30 Success

So, Patrick and I have done the Whole30 food program twice.  We're pretty much experts by now.  (Haha, not really.)  Here are our top ten tips for Whole30 success.

1. Have a support group!  You absolutely need someone or someones to do this with you.  They say misery loves company and in this case it's true.  It's fun to compare and share your experiences with someone doing it at the same time and when you want to quit (and you will!) they will be able to cheer you on, and vice versa.

2. Buy the book and read it!  Okay, if you are a book reader, this is easy.  If you are like Patrick, this is not so easy.  Another reason for a support group.  Choose someone who will read the important parts of the book to you.  The Whole30 timeline is scarily accurate and there are some really good recipes in the one pictured below.  Many of the recipes made it into our regular meal rotation.

3.  Choose your start date wisely.  The first time Patrick and I did the Whole30, we had a trip plann…

Easy Appetizer

Are you hosting family or throwing a party for the holiday season?  May I suggest an easy appetizer?  My sister-in-law makes these meatballs in the crockpot and they are yummy to my tummy.  Just throw fully cooked meatballs, Sweet Baby Rays Barbeque Sauce and a 15 oz. can of Cranberry Sauce in the crockpot and heat.  Enjoy!

Photo A Day // 12.01.18 // I Stood Here

I Stood Here

If you want to capture your own moments with a photo a day, Fat Mum Slim is hosting the challenge I follow.