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For Today... January 18, 2016Outside my window... sky is clear, the sun is bright and the thermometer reads -3 degrees!I am thinking... of what a strange winter it has been.  So strange in fact that there are robins still living in the area.  They should be long gone.I am thankful... for God's peace which transcends all understanding.I am wearing... layers for warmth!I am creating... an organized, less cluttered homeI am going... to enjoy a blueberry tea while I finish this post.I am wondering... what else I have to get rid of in this house.  I've had several successful listings on and it is good motivation to purge more.I am reading... Still Alice by Lisa Genova and Tales from the Milestone by Ben WajikraI am hoping... to find a good read about the 1950's and 1960's.  Fiction or non-fiction.I am learning... to wait patiently.  I have been a bit restless lately and can't seem to work it out.  In my garden... the seeds and soil are covered by a blanke…