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My Husband Was Right

I am currently enduring a painting project.  I say enduring, because it has been a long road of indecision and paint color choices that have gone awry.

I decided that our living room, which we are slowly transforming into the den, needed some fresh paint.  This is due to the fact that the color on the wall very closely matched the color of the stain we chose for the bookcase we installed.  If memory serves me, the paint color was called Tribal Pottery.  Is was a nice warm, rich, red/brown.  After the bookcase was installed, there wasn't enough contrast between the bookcase and the wall color.  So, the adventure began.  Or should I say the long, arduous journey began.

First, in my longing for change, I chose a beautiful sunny yellow called Lantern Light.  After applying the first coat to all the walls, I needed my sunglasses.  It was just too bright and leaned just too far into green for my taste and my home, which is filled with earthy browns and greens.

So, my husband and I went …

simple woman's daybook

For Today... March 16, 2015 Outside my window...  the sun has set and the clouds were gray with an edge of red.  There is a little rain on the windows that is sparkling in the streetlight. I am thinking... of our St. Patrick's day table at bible study tomorrow.  Went to a friend's store and she set me up with a green table cloth, plates, napkins and many die-cut shamrocks.  Fun, fun! I am thankful... for spring weather this early in the year!  Our snow has all melted and the grass is green-ish already. I am wearing... blue jeans, black tank top and a raspberry colored cardigan with dangly earrings and socks on my feet. I am creating... an organized bookshelf.  Going through all my books and sorting them by subject and author.  I am a book nerd.  :) I am going... to a lot of social engagements this week.  I used to pray for a few good friends to be able to chat with.  God has certainly blessed me in this. I am wondering... What am I wondering?  Will the nice weather continue?  Who sin…