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Road Trip!

We took our very first RV road trip as a family!  Our destination was the Black Hills of South Dakota and we made it.  :)  If you know Patrick and I that is quite the accomplishment.  We are not the best at planning things and we tend to wing it a lot.

This was our home away from home. Initially when we started to plan, we thought we could do 6-9 hour drives so that we could get to our destination that much faster.  Being a blogger, I looked to my blogging community for advice and found a woman who had this plan in mind as well and in hindsight she regretted that decision.  Her advice, don't drive more than four hours at a time.  Our first day we travelled a little over 9 hours and that was tough!  For the rest of our journey we tried to stay under four and it was much, much better. A co-worker of Patrick's went on and sent him some links to offbeat tourist attractions we might encounter along the way.  Only driving four hours at a time allowed us to be rel…