Brave Little Lady

This little lady got her ears pierced on Saturday.

When Megan turned seven I asked if she wanted her ears pierced.  Her answer was no.  So, it surprised me last week when we were talking about my earrings and I once again asked if she wanted her ears pierced, she said yes!  We talked about it and she asked if it would hurt.  I said yes and asked if she still wanted them pierced.  I was surprised when she answered in the affirmative.

Not wanting to make any hasty decisions I waited another few days and asked her one more time.  This time when she said yes I asked when she wanted to do it and she replied, "Tomorrow!"  We discussed how you get your ears pierced and that there would be pain, to which she responded, "I'll just have to put on my brave cap."

Megan certainly did don her brave cap.  After the initial look of shock passed when the deed was done, a lone tear rolled down her cheek.  Then she was better.


  1. Oh I remember my ear piercing so well! I went on my own to get it done, my father had passed away and would not allow me to get my ears pierced, but my mom said it was fine. It was much different then compared to now. I remember the huge pinch and how hot my face felt! Worst of all was turning them everyday! So glad your daughter was so brave!

  2. By the way, while cleaning her ears the other day, instead of using a cotton ball as was recommended, I changed it up and was cleaning them the way I did as a child, by soaking her earlobe in the solution. Megan then asked, "Did you even have cotton balls back then?"


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