Good Morning!

Good morning, it's 5:30am and the roosters are having a crowing contest this morning and the neighbors are making some kind of repetitive beating noise.

Please pray for God's healing hand on me as I'm getting some sort of head cold. My throat is sore and my nose is starting to get stuffy. I was not expecting that kind of illness to befall me. Thought about digestive problems more than anything, which, by the way haven't been too bad. Too much info., I know! :)

Along with the roosters, I can hear some kind of morning dove. Similar body shape and color tone to ours in the states and it's song is similar enough to know it's a dove, with different tone changes.
There are lots of lizards/geckos(?) around. They make a sort of clicking noise at night. Not very colorful though, mostly different shades of brown.

As we left church last night, a storm blew in, blowing dirt around and rustling up the garbage. By the time we made it back to the guest house (about 20 minutes later) it started to rain.  What a fun sound, listening to the rain hit our metal roof.

We're off to Dorcas House in a few hours to put on a retreat for the girls. All our items are re-packed in suitcases and ready to go. The Hershey's chocolate is in our refrigerator waiting to be packed into a cooler to hopefully keep it from melting before our smores around the campfire tonight.

Hugs and kisses. In some ways I can't believe it's Monday already and in other ways it's been a very long trip.  Oh, now I hear the goat bleating. :)


  1. I found out your friendly lizards are called "margouillats". Very tasty on an open fire, right before your smores! Enjoy. Kevin R.

  2. So good to read that you arrived safe and sound, Kim, and working on adjusting to a whole new culture. I don't know your itinerary, but God does, so I'm praying and leaving the details in His very capable hands.

    Tammy ~@~


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