Five Minute Friday : Dare

dare verb \ˈder\
: to have enough courage or confidence to do something
: to not be too afraid to do something
: to do (something that is difficult or that people are usually afraid to do)
: to tell (someone) to do something especially as a way of showing courage
D esire to follow Jesus with
A ctions, not just words.
R elate with others in love with an
E ternal perspective.

Five Minute Friday is a wild and wonderful flash mob of words.  Five minutes on one prompt. No overthinking or editing.  Please visit Kate Motaung and link up with Five Minute Friday to see more.


  1. What a wonderful acronym, encouraging, inspiring, thought provoking all at once. Have a very happy Friday.

  2. Hi. This is such a cool twist to the FMF prompt today. I love it. :)



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