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FOR TODAY August 4, 2014
Outside my window... Hazy sun with scattered thunderstorm's forecast.
I am thinking... Of my Aunt Lissa.  It's her birthday month.  Happy Birthday month Aunt Lissa!
I am thankful... for fresh produce from our garden.  The tomato plants are so heavy with fruit that the tomato cages cannot hold the plants up anymore and two of the three fell over!  That's a good problem I think.
In the kitchen... tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, zucchini and Muddy Buddies.
I am wearing... my walk/running clothes as I finally motivated myself to get moving this morning.
I am creating... lists of things to do. Packing lists, grocery lists, household chores lists; the lists go on and on. 
I am going... to be productive and efficient this week... I hope. I am wondering... how a friend's sister is doing.  She is heavy on my heart.  She was in a car accident at the end of July and broke a lot of bones in her arms and legs.  I am praying for an upbeat attitude for the si…