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FOR TODAY April 29, 2014

Outside my window... gray skies with cold rain and wind.

I am thinking... of my daughter who just turned seven.  Such a spot of sunshine she is.

I am thankful... for another day to enjoy my children, my husband and life's everyday tasks.

In the kitchen... coffee & cream, peanut butter & jelly for lunch and fried chicken & corn bread for dinner.

I am wearing... warm clothes on this chilly morning.
I am creating... a three minute testimony.

I am going... on two weeks without a pantry light!  I just can't seem to remember to purchase a replacement light bulb.  Of course the only time I remember it is when I'm home after being out purchasing groceries.  Sigh, one of these days.....

I am wondering... how a week can seem to explode with activity?  On Sunday, the calendar looked relatively calm and open.  It's only Tuesday and every day has something going on. 

I am reading... The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare.  My first time for this Newbery Medal winner. 

I am hoping... to get some thank you notes out today.

I am looking forward to... spring?  I've been looking forward to it for the last four weeks and still it's proving shy and illusive. 

I am learning... some scientific facts about tornado alley.  With all the severe weather, we have been discussing a lot of weather science this week in school.

Around the house... a few odds and ends that need to be picked up and children scattered throughout enjoying and being challenged by various school projects.

I am pondering... a way to surprise my husband with a 50th anniversary edition Ford Mustang.  Aside from the money tree that doesn't seem to be growing in the backyard, I'll have to settle for a framed picture for his desk.  But a girl can dream.  :) 

A favorite quote for today... "You're delicious today mom!" ~ 3 year old Mason.

One of my favorite things...  a vase filled with tulips. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Awana celebration to finish a good year, Royal Rangers, real estate work, co-op, pick up and drop off lights for my in-laws new house and a Burkina meeting.

A peek into my day...
Working hard at handwriting practice!
Posing with her 7th birthday cake.
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  1. My calendar seems the same way. I look at it on Sunday & it appears not much will be going on through the week and then all of a sudden I'm busy with something everyday!!!

    Love that Birthday Cake....So pretty!


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