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He Locked Me Out

He locked me out of the house today.

You're wondering how a kid with a face like that could do such a thing.  Ha, I'm wondering the same thing.  When I finally found entry into the house, after banging on the back door to no answer and trudging through wet grass to the garage and thankfully in through the un-locked garage door, I found him upstairs sitting with his brother just as angelic as can be.  I asked him, "Did you lock mom out of the house?"  A look passed over his face and he looked a bit confused.  His reply, "Yeah, how did you get in?"

I was not impressed.  I was in my pajama's and bare feet for goodness sake.  This mama is going to need some extra patience and creativity for the next couple of months.  I can just feel it.  Pray for me! :)

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY April 29, 2014
Outside my window... gray skies with cold rain and wind.
I am thinking... of my daughter who just turned seven.  Such a spot of sunshine she is.
I am thankful... for another day to enjoy my children, my husband and life's everyday tasks.
In the kitchen... coffee & cream, peanut butter & jelly for lunch and fried chicken & corn bread for dinner.
I am wearing... warm clothes on this chilly morning. I am creating... a three minute testimony.
I am going... on two weeks without a pantry light!  I just can't seem to remember to purchase a replacement light bulb.  Of course the only time I remember it is when I'm home after being out purchasing groceries.  Sigh, one of these days.....
I am wondering... how a week can seem to explode with activity?  On Sunday, the calendar looked relatively calm and open.  It's only Tuesday and every day has something going on. 
I am reading... The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare.  My first time …

God Was Not Subtle

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me." Or how about, "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you."  No matter the rhyme, a harsh word will hurt every time.

Trying to teach the kids to use their words to build up, not tear down, has proven very challenging in this house.  I'm constantly speaking to them about the things they say to each other.  Words said in the heat of an argument.  Words uttered under their breath.  Words making fun and teasing.  No matter how many times we talk about it, it all seems to go in one ear and out the other.

So, when I read this quote today by Ann Voskamp, "Only speak words that make souls stronger", I knew I had to print it out and tape it to the kitchen cabinet for the family to be reminded how to use our words.

Then a funny thing happened.  I was standing in the kitchen getting dinner ready and the printer started working on it's own and spit …

No Room for Doubt

As with anything that is unknown, there is usually a bit of anxiety and doubt.  So I shouldn't be surprised that I experience waves of doubt about going to Burkina Faso.  The excitement that I feel about the trip starts to fade and then the doubt sets in.  Will I raise enough support to even go?  The flight will be long; was my doctor correct when he said it was okay to travel even with my blood disorder?  Will my children be okay without me?  How will my husband cope? :) One of the unexpected joys of my journey so far has been the encouragement and support from various friends and even strangers.  I have received several heartwarming letters and just talked to the librarian today who was able to share her own story about Africa and re-ignited my passion to go. Just when I let my doubts and anxiety get a grip on my heart, letters come in the mail and strangers have just the right words to whisk it all away.  I realize this is God's adventure and I'm just along for the rid…

5 Minute Friday: Friend

friend noun\ˈfrend\ : a person who you like and enjoy being with : a person who helps or supports someone or something
The word brings to mind my oldest and dearest friend.  Her name is Jessica.  We met in high school and have been friends ever since.  She laughs with me and cries with me.  She holds me accountable and listens to me ramble.  We share a love of reading, dark chocolate m&m's and baking among so many other things.  Throughout the years our friendship has been a sheltering tree.  Changing with our seasons, growing stronger with each passing year.  Every time we see each other it's like a spring rain, warm and cleansing.  I always walk away from our time together with a spring in my step and my heart overflowing.  Thanks Jessica for being there for me through the good times and the bad.  Thanks for your encouragement and love.  Thanks for sharing in my memories and listening to my hopes and dreams.  I am so thankful that we will share eternity together.  I can ju…

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY April 21, 2014
Outside my window... the sun is setting on a beautiful day, the kids are playing in the backyard and I can hear the call of a Redwing blackbird.
I am thinking... of the garden and the work that needs be done to it as the growing season begins.
I am thankful... for our playset that we built more than eight years ago.  It was nothing fancy, purchased as a kit from a big box store, but has provided the kids with hours and hours of outdoor fun.
In the kitchen... I just finished cleaning up after our steak dinner and am now in the kitchen enjoying a few moments to myself.
I am wearing... sweatpants, tank top, fleece pull-over, polka dot socks and a ponytail.  Not exactly an outfit to go anywhere, but the day is almost done and I'm winding down for bed already.
I am creating... a small list of things to do to prepare the garden for a fruitful growing season.
I am going... to the salon on Wednesday.  Wondering if I should do something drastic or play it safe?  Maybe I&#…

5 minute friday

5 minute Friday.  Write for 5 minutes.  On one word.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it at 5 minute Friday where you will find a community of writers doing the same.  Then visit the link before yours and leave an encouraging word. Today's word is:
glue noun\ˈglü\ : a substance used to stick things tightly together When I think of glue, the mom in me says ew. It's messy and sticky. When my children use it they get icky. I cringe when it's project time, All that ooey, gooey, slime. You know what else is sticky? Syrup, soda and peanut butter like Skippy. (Okay, the five minute timer just beeped. Please allow me to finish so I don't weep.) How about toothpaste, candy or grape jelly, Let's not forget Band-Aids and those ECG stickers on your belly. You want to know my favorite sticky of all? It's the handprint on the window from someone not quite so tall.

The Burkina Door

"Congratulations!  Your application has been reviewed and approved.  You've been added to the 2014 Women's Ministry trip to Burkina Faso."

That's what the email said and that's when my heart started to race and the nervous excitement sent my blood racing faster through my body.  Whoa.  Have I really just been approved to go to Africa?  I had to sit down as all the worries, concerns and possibilities raced through my mind.

Maybe not the normal reaction to an approved application.  I believe a normal reaction would have been a bit less filled with apprehension.  You did notice the first thoughts were worries and concerns.  The idea of going on a ministry trip, to Africa of all places, was not really on my bucket list.

So why?  Why am I beginning this adventure?  Because I have a desire to be changed.  I want God to throw open the doors.  I want to see people as He sees them.  I want to carry His love to the ends of the earth.  Jason Gray sings it best.....

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY April 14, 2014
Outside my window... the 'S' word!  Snow that is.  In spring I'm not real excited about it, but it sure is beautiful and I know it will be melting soon. I am thinking... about my dad more than usual today.  He liked to call attention to special dates that held some sort of pattern or repeated a number an unusual amount of times.  Such as November 11, 2011 would be 11-11-11.  It was a competition to see who could be first to announce the date.  So, today being 4-14-14 is upon my heart and I miss his phone calls. I am thankful... for music.  Music has the power to motivate me to clean.  It helps me persevere during a run and it will remind me of special memories.  In the kitchen... for dinner tonight we are having fried perch, honey corn biscuits and hopefully some sort of vegetable. I am wearing... a school sweatshirt, blue jeans and fun socks. I am creating... a list of blog posts. I am going... to enjoy a cup of chai just as soon as the kettle heats up t…

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY April 7, 2014
Outside my window... spring is s l o w l y making it's way into the area.  We still have patches of snow here and there but the robins are back as are the redwing blackbirds. 
I am thinking... about replacing my shoes that literally fell apart while I was shopping the other day.  Pretty much limped back to the car because a large chunk of the sole fell right off.
I am thankful... for the abundance of encouragement and support that my friends and family give to me.
In the kitchen... some oatmeal bars and a lonely donut.  Guess I'll have to keep the donut company with a cup of coffee.  :)
I am wearing... a positive attitude for the day with motivation for a hat and efficiency on my feet.
I am creating... a letter for support because.....
I am going... to Burkina Faso on a short term mission trip!
I am wondering... how the building process is going for my in-laws new house?
I am reading... When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor... an…