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simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY August 28, 2013

Outside my window...
bees buzzing in the russian sage and leaves dancing in the breeze.

I am thinking... of how technology has improved our homeschool experience.

I am thankful... for lazy summer days and sandbox fun.

In the kitchen... zucchini.

I am wearing... a purple skirt and teal tanktop.

I am creating... an action plan for the upcoming homeschool year.

I am going... to serve on the nature journaling commitee this year.

I am wondering... which extra curricular activities the kids should participate in this year.

I am reading... and reading, and reading!  Lots of fiction with a few non-fiction thrown in the mix.

I am hoping... to be a part of giving women a choice between life and abortion by sponsoring a Stork bus.

I am looking forward to... a renewal of relationships in the next few months.

I am learning... how to slow down and listen to the quiet.

Around the house... books and toys wherever I look.

I am pondering... what to do with the zucchini in the kitchen.

A fa…


Say hello to my nemesis.....
Yes, that's right, it's Pantry.  Pantry has invaded my home and taken up residence in my kitchen.  Pantry thwarts my meal prep. It squashes the joy I have right after grocery shopping. It has been known to throw items at me from time to time.  It hides food on a regular basis.  It's small, ugly and messy.  It taunts me from behind the door.    
I declared war on Pantry in the beginning of summer.  I declared I would rid my kitchen of the chaos.  I would organize Pantry so we could have a harmonious relationship.  So far, Pantry is winning.
That is why I've entered to win the Better Homes and Gardens 'Organization Makeover Contest'.  I need help!  Where do I even start?  I'm hoping for an organized space where everything has a place.  I'm not giving up the fight! Now, there is a very real possibility that I won't win the contest. (gasp!)  So I'm asking you, my faithful friends and followers, what can I do to make Pa…

Jack & Jill

Meet Jack & Jill, the newest members of our family. Jack and Jill are Peach-faced lovebirds Ethan adopted from another family who wanted to simplify.

They're kinda shy around humans and love to turn their backs on us when we peer into the cage.  They are certainly camera shy!

Ethan is hoping to be able to tame them a bit and train them to perch on his finger.  Right now, they need to settle in and get used to our crazy family.

We'll see!  There is always another escapade to enjoy at our house these days.  I'm adding bird owners to the list of ill-advised adventures.

summer appetizer

The garden is producing cucumbers finally!  I picked a few today and decided to make a delectable appetizer I just recently enjoyed at a party.  Cucumbers were sliced and topped with a dill infused cream cheese.  Simple and perfect for summer!

Cucumber-Dill Medallions

1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened
1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill
1 teaspoon garlic salt
dill sprigs for garnish

Stir together the cream cheese, dill and garlic salt.  Dollop or pipe mixture onto cucumber slices. Garnish each with a fresh dill sprig, if desired.  Enjoy!

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY August 5, 2013
Outside my window... it's a cloudy gray day with rain and cooler temps expected.

I am thinking... of the Schuenke family who just arrived in El Salvador to begin their 2 year commitment.  You can enjoy updates on their blog: Broken Vessels.

I am thankful... for my children's good dispositions on Saturday as we did a lot of walking in the heat.  They all did great with almost no complaining!

In the kitchen... I'm thawing chicken for dinner.  I'd like to make chicken enchiladas.  We'll see if I make it to the grocery store for the ingredients.  Might just grill it.

I am wearing... denim capris with an orange scoop neck t-shirt and my tree of life necklace.

I am creating... organized spaces.  It is a s.l.o.w process but we're getting there.  Patrick finished with the shelves for the garage this weekend and now we need to organize the items we put on those shelves.

I am going... to run errands today.  Nothing too exciting but the overcast skies mo…