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there's a chariot in my living room

Or the beginning of one anyway. 

We are celebrating our last day of school on Friday!  Woot  Woot!  As part of the celebration we will be having chariot races in honor of our studies of the Ancient Romans.  Dad and the boys were working on it yesterday in the living room.

This is the chariot now.....

As you can see, the chariot has no noticeable modifications yet.  I'm not sure why.  Hopefully they didn't stall out in the middle of the planning stage.  Friday is just around the corner after all.  There are no rules that I know of.  The chariot just needs to be man powered. 

My children have set themselves a goal of beating the reigning champs.  My goal for them would be to stay injury free!

I'll post some pictures of the races so you can see the finished chariot.  Until then, wish us luck, we're going to need it.