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For Today December 4, 2012

Outside my window... it's dark outside, no moon but lots of twinkling christmas lights.

I am thinking... what a difference a day makes.  Yesterday I had no energy and today I've been buzzing around the house like a busy bee.

I am thankful... for glass windows!  I've just finished reading a few books that talked about animal skin as window coverings.  How dark every shelter must have been!

In the kitchen... green acorn squash, butternut squash, yellow bananas and browned banana bread.

I am wearing... red Coca Cola t-shirt over a long sleeve white crewneck, black athletic pants and pink balega socks.

I am creating... red, orange, brown and cream felted wool acorns.

I am going... to look for a snowman cookie jar to add some whimsy in the kitchen this winter.

I am wondering... what little delight I can give as gifts this year?

I am reading... blogs.  Catching up on some of my favorites that I've been neglecting the past few weeks.

I am hoping... to find a lotion that will moisturize my dry skin.  The only thing that seems to work is organic coconut oil, but my husband doesn't care for the smell.

I am looking forward to... getting Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree before December 24!

I am learning... that I'm used to running the house a certain way and don't adapt well to change.  Therefore, I'm also learning to adapt.

Around the house... bits and pieces of projects past, present and future.

I am pondering... if you don't put an expiration date on your prayers, at what point do you move forward and change the idea of your prayer?  Or do you?

A favorite quote for today... "Our actions are a direct result of our thoughts." ~ Joyce Meyer

One of my favorite things... learning from older siblings!

A few plans for the rest of the week: make a grocery list, cross off items on my 'to do' list, wrap a few presents and visit with friends!

A peek into my day... decorating for Christmas!

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  1. I haven't thought to be thankful for glass windows, but yes, I definitely am! I have very minimal window coverings because I love to be able to see outside all day.

    I've been reading blogs this morning, too. I have discovered that they can often replace reading real books for me though and I don't necessarily want that to happen; I have to work to stay in balance with both.

    Expiration dates on prayers: an interesting concept. I know what you mean though; I hate to cross somebody off my list--ever--when they have an ongoing problem, but if we never crossed off anybody, we'd never have time to do anything but pray. I just try to leave it in God's hands to gently nudge me when it's time to let something go. I figure he can always answer retroactively too, even if I've stopped asking about something. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your Daybook!


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