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before and after

I talked about getting Mason's hair cut this week so I thought I'd give you some before and after pictures...but first a few words. 

My dad used to cut all the kids hair.  In fact he cut my hair all my life up until about a year ago.  We were lucky enough to have him give Mason his first haircut.  Sometimes he would look at Mason's hair and just shake his head or smile and then say something about all the cowlick's on Mason's head.  He's got at least three.  One strong one in front and two in back that are side by side and swirl in opposite directions.  (What's a mom to do with that?!)  I say this in a joking way, but I'm pretty sure my dad was afraid to cut Mason's hair and that is one of the reasons he passed away so soon.  God had mercy on him.  :)  I bet every time Mason gets his hair cut now God will nudge dad in that inside joke kind of way.  ♥



breakfast on the farm

Early Sunday morning we roused our sleepy kids from their cozy beds, packed the van with the essential diaper bag and water bottles and headed into farm country for breakfast on the farm.

Upon arrival we boarded the horse drawn carriage and were delivered to the breakfast queue.  Our breakfast was served by friendly people with ready smiles and consisted of a generous helping of ham and cheese omelets, porkies (sausage links), deep-fried cheese curds, cinnamon rolls, bagels and cream cheese, yogurt, milk and cheese and cheese and more cheese! 

We found a seat under the big blue and white striped tent and began eating the large breakfast.  I learned that eating down-wind of the cow barn isn't pleasant and is rather tricky to keep your appetite, but I soon dug in and filled my tummy in spite of the aroma.   I ate more cheese at this breakfast than I had in the past two weeks, but it was oh so good!

After breakfast we said hello to the cows in the barn and proceeded to the line that…

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY June 4, 2012
Outside my window... clear blue sky and kids waiting for the schoolbus!

I am thinking... of all the chores I'd like to get done today.

I am thankful... that my kiddos and I are already done with school.

In the kitchen... amish cinnamon bread, pb&j for lunch and dinner is TBD.

I am wearing... black shorts and blue t-shirt.  Guess you could say I'm black & blue all over.

I am creating... wonderful memories with my family.

I am going... to enjoy my quiet time out on the patio this week.

I am wondering... why I can't get more coverage of the French Open on television.  Oh I could if I wanted to pay extra for the tennis channel but come on!  ESPN did such a good job too.  I miss it.

I am still reading... The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Leman.  Also reading The Vegetable Gardener's Bible by Edward C. Smith

I am hoping... to finish my chores early in the week so I can dedicate much of my freetime to reading on my new e-reader at the week's end.

I …

Photo a day May - sort of

It was the last day of May and I sat wondering what in the world to take a picture of that would give you an idea of something beautiful.  I thought for a while and couldn't come up with  any ideas.  Then it occurred to me.  I can't do it in just one photo!  Someday I hope to, but not today.

Something beautiful to me are all the women in my life who have been by my side through the good, the bad and the ugly.  From my dearest friend to my family and close friends and all the women I am blessed to call acquaintances.  You are all beautiful to me!  Thank you for being a part of my life and loving me!  Love you! ♥