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photo a day May

30. your personality

photo a day May

27. something sweet

28. the weather today (sun & clouds)

29. a number

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY May 29, 2012
Outside my window... blue sky, lush green leaves on the trees, construction barrels, a new concrete street and dirt blowing in the breeze.

I am thinking... that it takes less faith to believe God exists than to believe he doesn't.

I am thankful... for aloe vera as I acquired an unexpected sunburn yesterday.  Guess being outside in the sun without sunscreen can cause burned skin. :(  (Why wasn't I more responsible?!)

In the kitchen... cut lilacs in a vase making the kitchen smell like spring.

I am wearing... gray t-shirt and gray shorts, no jewelry and bare feet.

I am creating... oh this prompt is always tripping me up these days.  I have been creating a mental list of summer craft projects and a literal list of books to read this summer.

I am going... to bring the older boys in for a haircut today.  Poor Logan can't see through all the hair in his eyes.

I am wondering... what sort of fun items to send to an eleven year old boy in Burkina Faso?

I am reading…

photo a day May

26. 12 o'clock

photo a day May

24. something new
(the beginning of a new garden!)

25. unusual
(my husbands choice for curtain tiebacks :D)

And, I'm all caught up!  See you tomorrow!

photo a day May

17. snack

18. something you made
(kitchen curtains)

19. a favourite place

20. something you can't live without
(God's word)

21. where you stand

22. pink

23. technology

I'm almost caught up!  Whoo hoo.  Happy day in May.  :)

photo a day May

Hello Hello!  Wouldn't you know I would have technical difficulties while trying to participate in this photo challenge.  I really wanted to post one photo per day!  Oh well, at least I have the photos to post!  Now that the computer issues seem to be behind me, here is my photo a day May picture dump! 

11. kitchen

12. something that makes you happy
(my family)

13. mum

14. grass

15.  love
(my love)

16. what you're reading

More tomorrow!!

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY May 14, 2012
Outside my window... the sunshine is bright and warm, the birds are boisterous and worms were migrating across the sidewalk on my walk despite the lack of rain.

I am thinking... that change keeps you young at heart.  Change is the only constant.

I am thankful... for all my children that made this Mother's Day something to celebrate.

In the kitchen... six loaves of amish cinnamon bread! 

I am wearing... my high school track & field sweatshirt and running walking pants.

I am creating... still going through a creative dry spell but I have a lot of possiblilities rolling around in my head.

I am going... to enjoy my new-to-me chest freezer that came home with us on Saturday!  Now to plug it in and hope it works better than our first option did.

I am wondering... if I can really become a beekeeper.

I am reading... a fascinating book called The Birth Order Book: Why You Are The Way You Are by Dr. Kevin Leman.

I am hoping... to get our desktop PC up and running again …

photo a day May

10. a favourite word 

photo a day May

5. bird
(three little birds on my windowsill)

6. you

7. someone that inspires you
(my dad)

8. a smell you adore

9. something you do everyday (change diapers!)

photo a day May

4. fun!
(a day at the beach!)

photo a day for may

3. something you wore today

my first car

Do you remember your first car?

I remember taking my driving test in my parents Ford Aerostar minivan.  That's the vehicle every young girl wants to drive, isn't it?  At a time in my life when image rules, here I come in a minivan.  I don't remember caring though.  I just wanted to drive.  I think the gentleman from the DMV felt sorry for me because my test was literally a drive down the street in a residential neighborhood.  He asked me to pull over to the side of the road and stop.  Then he asked me to drive backwards a ways.  After that he said, "Ok, let's head back."  What?!  Head back?  I thought for sure I failed my test.  I remember feeling slightly disappointed that I'd have to try again in a few weeks.  Then, back at the DMV he surprised me and told me I passed!  Whoo hoo!  I got back into that wonderful minivan a licensed driver.

First thing I did was pick up my good friend Jess and go for a victory ride around our little town.  It was Jessica&#…

Photo a Day May

2. Skyline

Happy May Day

Happy May Day!  To celebrate the month of May I decided to challenge myself to post a photo a day.  I'm going to use Chantelle's list from Fat Mum Slim to encourage my creative side.

Without further ado:  Peace