Happy Halloween 2011

Right from the start
The night was set apart

The pumpkins and straw bales,
Cornstalks and apples bobbing in pails

The kids costumes were ready
Pictures were taken to share with Grandma's Marcia & Betty

A wounded soldier and mummy (with dad) ran through the 'hood
Knocking on doors and saying trick or treat as they stood

A mom and baby at home with a sick girl
Answering the doorbell and watching many princesses run & twirl

The boys arrived with candy galore
A girl dressed as a pretty kitty now wants to go door to door

Out goes dad with girl in tow
A quick run around the block they did go

The boys show mom all their loot
While the doorbell keeps ringing by kids so cute

All home, time to settle down and get cozy and warm
Plans for next years costume already begin to form.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Hi Kim!
    How well I remember those days! This year I sat on the couch while my 25 year old daughter (dressed as the cutest ballerina) ran to the door to pass out candy. It was a different kind of fun....seasons change.
    Loved your pictures.
    Happy fall!


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