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A Hand Up is Better.....

It's something I never thought of.  A hand up is better than a hand out.  After reading this post I was convicted of the same thought process, "I feel cheerful and inspired as I negotiate a bulk discount with the store manager and go about making the various arrangements for transporting 300 jackets across the world."  That is me.  That is something I would do without thinking of the ramifications.
This post has opened my eyes and helped me to see a bigger picture.  Thanks for posting.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Happy 1st Birthday!

Our littlest boy is 1 today!  His favorite word is "Ba" which began when he pointed to a ball (his favorite toy).  Now everything is a 'ba'.  He crawls everywhere fast and can go up the stairs faster than you can blink, so make sure the baby gate is always up!  (I learned that lesson when I found him pounding on his brothers bedroom door upstairs!)  He can stand on his own and is very proud of this accomplishment.  He'll smile and throw his arms up which is his way of saying 'look at me, I'm so big'!  He has a crazy swirl on his forehead and a few more scattered throughout his hair.  The poor guy is going to be in front of the mirror a lot in his teenage years just trying to comb his hair.  He growls when he sees Teddy Grahams and has started to growl when he sees any animal.  He loves to be held and prefers mom & dad to just about anyone else.  He is generous with his smiles and more than a little shy.  He loves birds, balloons and bubbles.  He e…

Balloon Rally

We were all out of the house before 5:30am!  If you know our family, you know that is quite the acheivement.  We headed down the road to a small community festival and balloon rally.  Hopeful anticipation coupled with lots of yawns.  We arrived shortly before 6:00am, found our parking spot and ate our picnic breakfast in the car.  Armed with coffee, bug spray and smiles we all walked down the short grassy path that led into the open field where the balloons were to take off.  Then we waited.  And waited.  There was cloud cover and a slight chance of rain.  Would we be disappointed yet again?  We've tried to view many balloon ascensions over the years only to have our hopes dashed by inclement weather.
Much to our delight the sky started to open up and the sun began to peek through the clouds.  The field became a flurry of activity as all balloon crews began to set up.
I had no idea that it took so many people to get a balloon in the air.  There were at least 4-5 people with every …

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY September 12, 2011
Outside my window... Beautiful sunshine, lush green grass and a maple tree that is changing colors already!
I am thinking... of my husband who has to give a presentation at work today (his first presentation).

I am thankful... that we live in an area that enjoys four seasons.

From the learning rooms... new student,new curriculum, new math, new co-op, new lesson plans.  Some many new beginnings from the learning rooms this year.

In the kitchen... pb&j for lunch and parmesan chicken for dinner.

I am wearing... a red Coke t-shirt and black shorts.

I am creating... a few sewing projects for the kids.

I am going... about my business today and reminding myself that I can everything through Him who strengthens me.

I am wondering... if I will ever hear the words, "School is fun" from the mouths of my children?

I am reading... Just finished "Citizen Canine".  Good read for those interested in a well-mannered dog.

I am hoping... to cross off at leas…