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The Army Crawl

Mister M is now crawling on all fours.  He has abandoned the more difficult army crawl with his tummy on the floor, for an easier, more fluid motion of crawling on his hands and knees.  I was watching him crawl from place to place and noticed that when he was very intent on a destination and wanted to get somewhere really fast, he would lay down on his belly and begin to army crawl.  He would abandon what he had recently learned and would opt for the old, more difficult crawling technique. He didn't go any faster and in fact went slower.  But to him, it seemed as if all the work amounted to a faster pace.

Then it occurred to me that I am like that sometimes.  When I want to get a lot done during the day or accomplish some sort of goal or make a dream into a reality, I tend to strive toward the end result.  I get down on my tummy and work harder, get stressed out, engage in a battle and break a sweat instead of relaxing and letting God direct my steps.

What are you striving for tod…

The First Letterbox

Have you heard of Letterboxing?  I hadn't until last week when a friend told me that she and her family are letterboxers.  Letterboxing is a mix of hiking, puzzle solving, treasure hunting and stamping. 

Legend has it that letterboxing goes way back to the 1850's, when a gentleman, while walking the moors of Dartmoor, Devon, England, placed his calling card in a jar by the remote Cranmere Pool. He is said to have left a note directing anyone who found his card to leave theirs as well. Word spread of this secret on the moors, and soon other "letterboxes" began showing up in Dartmoor.

The thrill of the hunt.  Follow the clues that lead to a hidden letterbox.  Inside the letterbox are a unique stamp and a logbook.  When you find the letterbox you are searching for from clues usually posted on a website (, you stamp the box's logbook with your personal stamp, leaving a record of the discovery.  Then you stamp your own personal logbook with the box…