Simple Woman's Daybook

For today April 20, 2011

Outside my window...snow, snow and more snow!

I am thinking... of items to pack for our field trip tomorrow.

I am thankful for... the sun that shines at the end of a long gray day.

I am wearing... my painting pants and a fleece pullover.  It's April, I should be wearing t-shirts for goodness sake!

In the learning rooms... making a "rubber egg" in Science and doing some reading comprehension exercises.  Both boys are doing well in the reading department. 

I am remembering... what it was like being the parent of only one child.  A friend just welcomed her first baby into the world and it is stirring up memories.

I am going... on a field trip to the zoo and museum tomorrow.

I am reading... Amish grace : how forgiveness transcended tragedy

I am hoping... to persevere and continue to nurture the little seedlings that I started oh so long ago.  I'm growing impatient with them in the house and would like to be able to plant them outdoors where they belong.

I am hearing... the water running as one of the children is taking a shower.

On my mind... my dad.  Today was his appointment to discuss the possibility of a lung transplant.  I'm anxious to know how it went.

Noticing that... I'm kneeling in front of the computer right now.  The only reason I noticed was that my knees are killing me!  Boy am I getting old.

From the kitchen... cupcakes (because I had a craving for them), spaghetti (because it was easy).

Around the house... children, a noisy washing machine, a chiming clock and bright rays from the setting sun streaming through the windows.

One of my favorite things... cupcakes.

From my camera...
Buds on our serviceberry trees are ready to pop, but received a chilly hello with our recent snow.

My handsome honey clearing the driveway so he can go to work.

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  1. So wonderful to see you, Kim! Ah, still winter where you are...guess I should not tell you it was 89 degrees today!
    I will keep your dad In my prayers.

  2. We've enjoyed (?) the recent snowfall here as well. Can't wait for spring!!

  3. Annesta, 89 degrees? That sounds wonderful. Enjoy it for me. I'm sure we have a ways to go until we see that kind of temperature around here.
    Beth, I hear you. I can't wait 'til spring either. It has been very elusive so far this year.


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