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Whispered Word


Simple Woman's Daybook

For today April 26, 2011
Outside my window... it is dark and gray with lots of rain.

I am thinking... of building an ark because of all the rain in the forecast.  Next time we are supposed to see the sun is Friday and as we know, the weather is very hard to predict.

I am thankful for... my home that keeps me warm and dry, windows that allow me to see God's beauty while staying warm and dry inside, a working vehicle that protects me from the elements while running errands and my computer.

I am wearing... a purple pullover, jeans and my spa socks.  Yes, I'm pampering my tootsies while my fingers are doing all the work right now. ;)

In the learning rooms... perseverance, Italy, reading, writing and arithmetic.

I am remembering... our Easter dinner was somewhat of a disappointment because our oven stopped working right in the middle of warming our holiday ham.

I am going... to blog about our trip to the zoo and museum.

I am reading... Amish grace : how forgiveness transcended tragedy.

I am…

The Hunt

Every year a few lovely ladies in the neighborhood organize an Easter egg hunt for the children.  This was the first year we were able to participate.  Word in the 'hood was that there were over 1000 eggs!
Such determination.
Eggs were everywhere!
Notice how E is guarding his eggs.  :)
The two brothers are discussing all the eggs they found.
M, posing with her eggs.  Notice the winter jacket and gloves.  It was a chilly April afternoon.
Mister M always ready to smile at daddy.  He had a front row seat to view all the mayhem.
Here, I'm reminding the boys that they were only to take about 20 eggs instead of the 40-50 they found.  They handled it well and even had fun hiding all the extra eggs.
Ah, the spoils of a great egg hunt.

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today April 20, 2011
Outside my window...snow, snow and more snow!

I am thinking... of items to pack for our field trip tomorrow.

I am thankful for... the sun that shines at the end of a long gray day.

I am wearing... my painting pants and a fleece pullover.  It's April, I should be wearing t-shirts for goodness sake!

In the learning rooms... making a "rubber egg" in Science and doing some reading comprehension exercises.  Both boys are doing well in the reading department. 

I am remembering... what it was like being the parent of only one child.  A friend just welcomed her first baby into the world and it is stirring up memories.

I am going... on a field trip to the zoo and museum tomorrow.

I am reading... Amish grace : how forgiveness transcended tragedy

I am hoping... to persevere and continue to nurture the little seedlings that I started oh so long ago.  I'm growing impatient with them in the house and would like to be able to plant them outdoors where they belong.


Simple Woman's Daybook

For today April 5, 2011
Outside my window...the birds are singing, the snow is almost gone, the sun is shining brightly and it might just hit 50 degrees fahrenheit for a high temp. today!  (happy dance!!)

I am thinking... if I'm creative, do I have to have a particular creative outlet or can creativity touch a little bit of everything I do?

I am thankful for... all the special people in my life that support me.

I am wearing... all shades of purple from my neck to my ankles.  (No hat and no socks) ;)

In the learning rooms... world religions and ancient history along with the basics.  We will also be doing some fun activities to celebrate Easter along with reading "Amon's Adventure".

I am remembering... that E lost both of his top teeth in the same day.  Oh how I love his toothless smile.  So cute.  I must remember to take lots of pictures if he'll let me.

I am going... to enjoy a nice long walk with the kids today.

I have finished reading... "So Long Insecurity: You&…

Yes, the Clown!

The other day M came up to me and said that she lost the clown that Anna gave her.  For the life of me I could not remember Anna giving her a clown.  "What clown?" "No mom, not clown, clown."  Wow, this conversation was going nowhere fast.  I gave her one of those weird looks I get when I have no clue what is going on and she continued.  "You know, the clown that came with the Barbie that Anna gave me?"  My mind began rapidly searching the recesses of my brain trying to remember this crazy clown and wondering why a Barbie came with a clown in the first place.  And then it dawned on me.  "Oh, the cRown that came with the Barbie?!" "Yes, the clown!"