If I Were An Octopus

A short time ago my husband and I were bantering back and forth about the advantages of being an octopus in a household with four children.  I mentioned that if I were an octopus I'd be able to hold the baby, wash dishes and make dinner at the same time.  This got me to thinking that I know little about the octopus, besides having eight legs or arms or tentacles.  Here are a few other advantages I found to being an octopus:

If I were an octopus I would be very flexible and able to squeeze through some incredibly small spaces.  (Very good for getting toys from under the refrigerator, stove, washing machine or beds.)

If I were an octopus I would have three hearts.  (This would come in very handy for chasing after the little ones, running races against the older ones or giving three times more love to my children.)

If I were an octopus I could change my color to match my surroundings.  (This is very useful when you want to see what your children are up to without them knowing you're around.  Also good for a shy person like myself to be able to assess a social situation before I enter it.)

If I were an octopus I would be able to lose a tentacle and grow it back.  (Wow, how handy is that when all the kids are asking you to do something for them.  "Sorry kids, mom has lost a tentacle, it will be a while before it grows back.  You'll have to get that yourself.")

If I were an octopus I would be considered the most intelligent of all the invertebrates.  (Not much point in arguing with me and also very helpful with all those 'why' questions kids ask.)

Lastly, if I were an octopus I'd be able to hug my whole family individually all at once!

If you'd like to know more about the octopus, here is the article written by  Debopriya Bose.


  1. This is such a cute post, Kim! I really enjoyed reading it and it made me chuckle thinking of all the things we could do if we only had the special abilities of that octupus!


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