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Simple Woman's Daybook

For today November 16, 2010
Outside my window... the trees are bare, the sun is shining and the clouds are threatening to take over the sky.

I am thinking... that it is good to be able to blog today.  Hopefully I will be able to carve out a little time each day to continue. 

I am thankful for... a warm, cozy house.

I am wearing... a long sleeve green shirt and cozy pants.

In the learning rooms... the 1800's around the world.

I am remembering... the thoughtful food and gifts from friends after the arrival of baby #4.

I am going... to sit down and write some thank you notes after I complete this entry.

I am currently re-reading... What Difference Do It Make?

I am hoping... the stomach flu that has invaded our house will leave and never come back.

On my mind... my hardworking husband who is putting in a lot of hours these days.

Noticing that... this is my first blog post after MF was born at the end of September.  Didn't know it would be this difficult to carve out a few minutes to write d…