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Simple Woman's Daybook

For today September 14, 2010
Outside my window... ~is a day filled with God's creativity!  From the greenest of grasses to the brown fields, the blue,gray,white and silver edged clouds, to the streams of golden sun kissing the earth as it rises.  Just magificent.

I am thinking... ~of all the last minute details that seem to go into getting ready for baby number four.

I am thankful for... ~the way my oldest son will pick up a book on his own and read.  After all the struggles we had while he was learning to read, this is a wonderful thing.

I am wearing... ~my pajamas, which I might add, are hardly fitting over my tummy anymore. :sigh:

In the learning rooms... ~First year of Tapestry of Grace.

I am remembering... ~how much noise our labrador retriever could make in the morning. (And not really missing it much)

I am going... ~ to exercise my right to vote today.

I am currently reading... ~ "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens (just one of those classics that I never read)

I am …