Soaring to New Heights

This past weekend we gathered the children and headed over to a hot air balloon rally.  As we were within a half hour of our destination we noticed a LARGE, dark cloud hovering overhead.  As we were travelling, the wind picked up and then a few raindrops began to pepper the windshield.  Those raindrops quickly increased in size and number until the windshield wipers were on high trying to keep up.  We suddenly found ourselves driving through puddles in the street that we were lucky to get through.  I was gripping the armrest as my competent husband manuevered us through.  It almost felt as if we would start floating any moment.  Then we began to hear the sound of hail hitting the car and sure enough, we were being pelted by small balls of ice.  We sought the shelter of some strong old trees and waited out the storm.

The storm cloud finally did pass and the sun began to peak through, giving us hope of an enjoyable balloon filled evening.  When we arrived at the field, not surprisingly, the hot air balloons were all dismantled and neatly wrapped in their colorful covers.  We decided to find something to eat and sat down on a blanket on the soggy wet ground to eat our dinner and wait for any information on whether (weather? ☺) or not the balloons would be able to launch.  The announcement came, the balloon launch had been cancelled.  So, we decided to explore the kids' activity area and await the next announcement to determine if the balloons would even inflate for the evening glow portion of the event, which was also cancelled.  You could taste the disappointment in all of us.

Well, as they say, there is always a silver lining and much to E's delight there was a climbing wall that he spied from a distance and expressed interest in.  Off we trudged through the soggy field and took our place in queue to wait for E's turn at the wall.  While waiting in line I thought I'd sense a bit of hesitation from him, however, I detected none.

Getting the harness adjusted.

Mentally preparing for the task at hand.

Ah, here is the worry I was expecting, from an unexpected source!

Beginning the ascent.

Already at the top.  Good thing we didn't blink!

Look at the expression.  A sense of accomplishment and joy!

Even though we didn't get to enjoy the hot air balloons ascending into the sky, Patrick and I did get to enjoy our son ascending to new heights.  I dare say I was a bit choked up watching him climb with such determination and grace.  It gives me a glimpse of the strong character we are trying to nurture and grow.   


  1. Kim,
    This is a sweet post! Keep chronicling the adventures of your family and enjoy.
    Beautifully written.


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