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Soaring to New Heights

This past weekend we gathered the children and headed over to a hot air balloon rally.  As we were within a half hour of our destination we noticed a LARGE, dark cloud hovering overhead.  As we were travelling, the wind picked up and then a few raindrops began to pepper the windshield.  Those raindrops quickly increased in size and number until the windshield wipers were on high trying to keep up.  We suddenly found ourselves driving through puddles in the street that we were lucky to get through.  I was gripping the armrest as my competent husband manuevered us through.  It almost felt as if we would start floating any moment.  Then we began to hear the sound of hail hitting the car and sure enough, we were being pelted by small balls of ice.  We sought the shelter of some strong old trees and waited out the storm.

The storm cloud finally did pass and the sun began to peak through, giving us hope of an enjoyable balloon filled evening.  When we arrived at the field, not surprisingly,…

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today July 13, 2010
Outside my window.... blue skies and hot sun.

I am thankful for..... the extra amount of patience that I have with three children than I did with one.

I am wearing..... a black tank top and turquoise blue shorts.

I am hearing..... the sweet sound of the washing machine cleaning our clothes.

I am going..... to put together a grocery list using the Roundy's match ups that Mom for Him provides.

I am reading..... From Every End of This Earth by Steven V. Roberts

I am thinking..... that our summer seems to be travelling at light speed.

I am hoping..... to re-arrange the house a bit to make it more efficient for schooling at home.

I am creating..... a master packing list for the family so that we can reduce the amount of forgotten items when we go away.  Number one item we forget, toothbrushes.

On my mind...... the arrival of our fourth baby is only about two months away.  Wow, that time is flying by.

From the learning rooms..... decision deadline is fast approaching to mak…

Shade Flower

We have a sunflower growing next to our patio.  I didn't plant it there.  It is a welcome surprise which germinated from a winter supply of birdseed.  I just read an article in Midwest Living called "Summer Showstoppers", in which they give some interesting information about sunflowers.  Did you know that sunflowers follow the sun?  (Please tell me I'm not the only one who didn't know this.)  The heads track the sun from horizon to horizon.

While M and I were outside together I pointed out this little plant and said to her, "Oh, I think this is a sunflower."  Upon assessing the plant and it's mostly shady location, she said to me very matter of fact, "No, it's a shade flower."  Such wisdom from a three year old.  I love it!

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today July 7, 2010
Outside my window.... it's slightly overcast and going to be in the high 80's and muggy.  Ew!

I am thankful for..... my children.

I am wearing..... green shorts and a black v-neck t-shirt.

I am hearing..... my daughter wash her hands while singing some sort of song.

I am going..... to spend some time on my studies this morning after I'm finished up here.

I am reading..... not a thing right now.  Pretty soon I'll be crazy with need for a good book.  I'd better see what I can find at the library.

I am thinking..... of all my friends and family who's lives are intertwined with orphans.

I am hoping..... that the maple tree we transplanted doesn't give up because of all the heat.

I am creating..... not a thing at the moment.  I am looking for just the right salvage piece to become a trellis near the garage and thought I might be able to put three items that are similar together, to create a larger piece.

On my mind...... beekeeping.  Our friends are…

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the dad whose last name we share,

Happy Birthday to the man whose toots fill the air.
Happy Birthday to dad and Grandpa Jerry, We love you and hope it's merry!