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Simple Woman's Daybook

For today June 29, 2010
Outside my window.... a beautiful crisp and clear morning.

I am thankful for..... cranberry orange muffins.  Yum, Yum!

I am wearing..... shorts, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt on this cool morning.

I am hearing..... the dishwasher, Wimbledon tennis on TV and the birds chirping outside.

I am going..... to enjoy our upcoming holiday.  Friends are hosting a farmer's breakfast with homegrown food.  Yum, Yum!

I am reading..... Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim's Progress by Oliver Hunkin.

I am thinking..... that I'm hungry after blogging about all this yummy food.

I am hoping..... that my flowers I just transplanted will survive.  They're looking kinda droopy right now.

I am creating..... a garden oasis (slowly but surely).

On my mind...... what a privilege and responsibility I have in being chosen by God for His purpose.

From the learning rooms..... a small unit study on Independence Day and reading Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim's Progress.


Commonly Referred to as Bee Balm

I am not a very outgoing person.  In fact, I jokingly tease with my husband that I would make a great hermit.  However, there is much truth in that statement.  When meeting new people I tend to get tongue-tied and say all the wrong things.  I am content just being at home.  I am very anxious when put in a situation to speak one on one with a stranger or even an acquaintance that I haven't seen in a while.  When I'm in the grocery store or other public place, it is very likely that I will make eye contact and smile at people, but if it seems like they will want to speak with me, I avert my eyes and keep moving!  So, it has been quite challenging to follow through on my desire to make myself more approachable and have, as Tammy from Garden Glimpses puts it, greetablility.

I have been praying that God would give me opportunities to have greetablility and He came through in a big way on Saturday.  The family and I were at the farmer's market enjoying the hustle and bustle and …

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today June 22, 2010
Outside my window.... a beautiful sun-filled day with a view of my neighbors new above ground pool.  With a high in the mid-eighties today, I wonder if they'll be able to enjoy it?

I am thinking..... of blogging friends who encourage me and make me laugh.

I am thankful for.....  how gentle God is with me.

I am wearing..... black tank top and comfy shorts.

I am hearing..... the air-conditioner and the dogs toenails on the wood floor.

I am going..... to watch some tennis on TV today while folding laundry.  Second day of  Wimbledon 2010.  I sure do enjoy watching tennis.  Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to watch a match or two in person.

I am reading..... nothing right now and looking for a good summer read.

I am hoping..... to increase my awareness of others wants and needs and decrease my awareness of self.

I am creating..... nothing right now, but I am feeling the urge to sew.  This is weird, since I don't sew.

On my mind...... lots of dreams of living in …


M has a great sense of humor for her age.  She never ceases to amaze me when she actually gets her dad's jokes. ☺

Yesterday she asked me, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
"I don't know, why?"
"Because there were no cars coming."

Today I had to cross the street to get the mail and couldn't help but chuckle when I remembered her joke.  May you be like the chicken and cross the road only when there are no cars coming.

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today June 15, 2010
Outside my window.... thunder and lighting and rain.

I am thinking..... I might be addicted to coffee by the way I act before my first cup in the morning.

I am thankful for..... life's little distractions that keep me on my toes.

I am wearing..... denim capris and a spring green shirt.

I am hearing..... sweet silence.  How I enjoy the quiet mornings.

I am going..... to resolve to add more approachability and greetablility to my character.

I am reading..... Unspoken by Francine Rivers

I am hoping..... the sun will come out to play sometime this week.

I am creating..... more like gathering some fun items that will make up a father's day gift basket for my handsome husband.

On my mind...... the heaviness that always comes when I'm being challenged to grow and mature.

From the learning rooms..... debating which of two curriculum to choose for the upcoming school calendar.  New curriculum and flying solo or new curriculum with the benefit of a veteran friend.


The Meaning Behind the Name

The other night I was reading Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to my daughter.  As the book was introducing the seven dwarfs to us, I began asking M what characteristics the dwarfs had as described by their names.  "This one is named Sleepy", I would say, "Why do you think that is?"  M would answer, "Because he is tired."  We went through the most obvious names such as Grumpy, Happy and Sneezy.  Then we came upon Bashful, Dopey and Doc.  I shared with M what bashful meant and we had a grand time acting bashful.  According to M, Dopey "trips over his feet alot."  I thought that was rather insightful for a three year old.  My favorite though, is Doc.  According to M, Doc is aptly named because "he stands on docks alot."

What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet. 
~William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today June 9, 2010
Outside my window.... a beautiful sun-filled morning where the landscape is freshly washed from a day of rain.

I am thinking..... that I have a lot of character flaws.  It's hard to know which one to work on first.

I am thankful for..... the abundance of wildlife in my suburban setting.

I am wearing..... purple plaid pajama bottoms and a purple tank top.

I am hearing..... my daughter eating a bowl of cereal in between stories of flowers, Dora and "Kooky" guy.

I am going..... to pick up the basement today.  I have left it in a bit of a mess since going through everything for the rummage sale.

I am reading..... A Man After God's Own Heart by R.T. Kendall.

I am hoping..... to finish up a project for my sister and send it off to her very soon.

I am creating..... a gift of encouragement.

On my mind...... a few discussions my husband and I have had the last few days.

From the learning rooms..... still doing the summer vacation dance. :)

Noticing that..... the mo…

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today June 1, 2010

Outside my window.... a beautiful sun-filled morning.

I am thinking..... of an enjoyable mini-vacation and wishing we didn't have to go back to work.

I am thankful for..... hot showers and a comfortable bed to lay my head at night.

I am wearing..... a black tank top and gray shorts.

I am hearing..... the washing machine do the dirty work for me.

I am going..... to look for a few summer clothing options to accomodate my growing belly.

I am reading..... through all the magazines that have piled up in the past few months and just finished Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

I am hoping..... my three year old daughter will be victorious in her potty training soon.  This has been a long and winding road for us.  The most challenging of the three children, hands down!

I am creating..... ha, I wish I were creating something.  I've been too overwhelmed with life lately to think about being creative.

On my mind...... the week ahead.

From the learning rooms..... doing…