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For today October 19, 2009

Outside my window.... The sun is shining and the trees are showing red, orange and yellow.

I am thinking..... that I have some outdoor chores to attend to today.

I am thankful for..... peace in difficult seasons.

I am wearing..... black sweater and bluejeans.

I am hearing..... the washing machine (so thankful for the washing machine!) and the kids chasing each other around the house.

I am going..... to the fire station today.

I am reading..... Fearless by Max Lucado.

I am hoping..... for nice weather all week.

I am creating..... hmmmm?  A decorating theme for my daughters bedroom.

On my mind..... the act of being humble.

From the learning rooms..... continuing through our study on Russia, fire safety, and the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Noticing that..... I seem to be a little tense lately.

Pondering these words.... "Life is like a box of chocolates.... you never know what you're going to get." ~Tom Hanks from the movie Forrest Gump

From the kitchen..... baking Amish cinnamon bread, for lunch we'll have ? and for dinner, porterhouse steaks.

Around the house..... the hustle and bustle of three children getting ready for the day.

One of my favorite things.... fall foliage and crisp cool autumn mornings.

A few plans for the rest of the week..... AWANA Tuesday, Bible study Wednesday, shopping for winter clothing for the kids and a mid-week visit from my dad.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

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  1. What is it about those laundry baskets? My kids love to sit in them, drag them around the house, use them for basketball...we could save a lot of money on toys and just buy laundry baskets!

    So glad you can have peace in difficult times and praying for your "tenseness" I TOTALLY can relate. I did not used to be a stressed out person, but I find myself that way most of the time these days. I am trying to "chill out" more!

  2. I enjoyed your daybook. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. May your week be filled with God's blessings.

  3. It's turned into a beautiful day here, although it isn't suppose to last much longer. I hope your weather is nice all week, Kim :-)

    Love the laundry basket picture and often wonder why we spend money on toys when kids love real life things to play with, don't they?

    Aww, I'm missing AWANA again...

    Tammy ~@~

  4. That's a precious picture of your daughter. I have never had Amish bread. I'm thankful for my washer also. What would we do without them. I remember washday from when I was a child and it took all day. I hope you have a wonderful week. Bless you, Doylene


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