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Special Day

Today is a special day for me, for two reasons. First, August 14 celebrates the day I got my drivers license. I can remember taking the driving test in my parents Ford Aerostar Van. I'm pretty certain the license examiner felt sorry for the young girl who had to drive a mini van because the test was very short and very easy and I passed on my first try! That was 20 years ago now. After dropping off my mom at home, I was able to zoom over to my friend Jessica's house to pick her up for a celebratory ride.

That brings me to the second and most important reason to celebrate today. Not only were Jess and I celebrating my (and our) new found freedom but we were also celebrating her birthday. I have been through a lot with Jessica. She is my oldest (not in years :D) and dearest friend. I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with her in my life. Happy Birthday Jessica! Love you!