Avoiding the Mold

We are the most appealing to others, and the happiest within, when we are completely ourselves. But it is a constant struggle because, as Scripture teaches, the world is always trying to press us into its mold. The mold of the world is the mold of the synthetic, the mold of the artificial, the mold of the celluloid - the "Plastic Person."

The world cries, "You've got to be young and you've got to be tan. You've got to be thin and you've got to be rich. You've got to be great." But Scripture says, "You don't have to be any of those things. You simply have to be yourself - at any age - as God made you, available to Him so that He can work in and through you to bring about His kingdom and His glory." Now relax. Trust Him and be yourself! ~ Luci Swindoll, You Bring the Confetti

Thank you God, for giving me the blessing of motherhood. Thank you for setting me apart from the world to be a servant for your good works. Thank you for giving me the strength to avoid the mold of the world. May you work in and through me so that I may raise our children to bring glory to you!