Sugar Memories

My grandmother loved to shop. She was one of those people who would stop at every display, touch every item and inevitably come away with a precious treasure at the end of the day.

One of her items to search for and purchase were colored sugars. I remember my mother talking about Grandma always needing a particular color of sugar for a certain baking project and the hunt would be on. When she died, we were cleaning out her kitchen and found the sugar cupboard. That cupboard was filled with a rainbow of colored sugars collected over many years. I was the proud recipient of some of these confections and they are still in my colored sugar collection today.

Last weekend my Mother-in-Love gave me a few colored sugars she had found, because she remembered my talking about wanting some of the variety containers I saw in the stores. I was touched by her thoughtfulness. Her gift not only gave me joy in receiving but also joy in the memories of my dear Omah.

May your cupboards be filled with rainbows of sugar memories.