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Glad I Said Yes

It was superhero night at Awana.  Mason informed me the night before(!) that he'd like to go dressed as Batman.  I did what any doting mother would do and told him it was too late to pull together a Batman costume.  Then, he looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes and said, "Ok". 
What?!  That was not the response I was expecting and it caused me to rethink my no.  Together we rummaged through the fabric drawer and came up with a black piece of felt for a mask and black material that would be perfect for a cape. 

Patrick and I ran out to the store that night and purchased a Batman t-shirt (because that is what doting parents do from time to time) then we made a few folds and applied duct tape to turn Bob the Builder's tool belt into Batman's.

Mason was thrilled.  He wore the cape all night and much to my surprise, the mask lasted all through Awana too.  He even wore the t-shirt to bed that night.
The next day we had sightings of Batman everywhere in the house…