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Look Who Turned Six!

Happy birthday Mason!  Your birthday wish list included Legos and two stuffed animals.  For your birthday dinner you requested eggs and bacon.  May you always know what you want and try your best.  May you grow in your faith and become a confident man of God.  With your generous heart and cheerful ways, you bring joy to each member of the family.  We love you super tons and God loves you most of all.  xoxo.  soso. 
Look who turned six.  That six year old is our baby!
It's getting more difficult to capture a photo without some sort of antics.
Mason requested a birthday cake with a forest and four log houses at each corner.

This is How We Kill Flies

Autumn is here and so are the flies.  My goodness.  It seems we can't open the door without one buzzing in.  I've heard you can fill a clear plastic bag with pennies and water and hang that outside the door to detract them.  There is also the fly paper option, which is a great option, if you can remember to purchase fly paper.  For me, that is an ongoing challenge.  {sigh}

In the meantime, this is how we kill flies in this house.
Ethan shot this from the bow.
See it?!  :O