Day Four: The Hike and Drive to Moab

Hiking down into the Grand Canyon.

A few donkeys went before us and left a few surprises not pictured.

Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon.

A handsome man on the trail.

A VERY handsome man didn't know I was taking his picture.

Hello Grand Canyon.

The trail had switchback after switchback.  See the people way out there on the left?


Of course I had to keep the rock from falling on anyone.

Still uphill.

Our one minor regret of the trip is that we did not stay more than one night in or near the Grand Canyon.  Next time we will stay for a longer duration.  We hiked into the canyon that morning and then hit the road for Moab, Utah; the next scheduled stop on our second anniversary road trip.

Note to self: whenever there is a posted scenic overlook, there might be a great view and a restroom!

ATV crossing
Elk crossing.

On the road again.....

So many different views on this trip.

Cows crossing.



Some red rocks just before we were pulled over for speeding in Utah. :0

Looking at some red rocks in Moab, Utah.  On the way to our stop.

Hello Red Cliffs Lodge!  We are excited to be here.

Our little white Ford Fusion and our little cabin on the Colorado river.

The view!