Day Five

Good morning from Red Cliffs Lodge.

Just love the clouds.

Our cabin from the river.

We enjoyed a leisurely morning sipping coffee and listening to the rushing waters of the Colorado river on our deck.  We then decided to eat lunch at Milt's Stop N' Eat in Moab before tackling Arches National Park.  The website history isn't updated so I took a photo of the updated version at the shop.  I very much enjoy knowing the history of an establishment.

Milt's used to be on Main street, but Main street moved.

Brief history of Milt's.

We have arrived at.....

Yes, you've seen this outfit before,

but have you seen it framed by this tree?

Our first arch we walked/hiked to, Pine Tree Arch

Oh look, another arch.

It was hot!  Temps in the 90's and not much cloud cover.

Tunnel Arch

Thank you for sharing your home with us little one.

Balanced Rock.

Can't get enough of the wide open spaces.

One of my favorites.... The Three Gossips.  They seemed more like wise men (women) to me. 

A handsome man in Arches National Park.

A handsome man hiding at Arches National Park.

A view of Delicate Arch.

By the time we came to the Delicate Arch lookout, the temperature was 96 degrees Fahrenheit.  We opted to hike to Delicate Arch the next morning before heading out to Colorado.  We headed back to the lodge to relax, shower and change for dinner and saw a bridge that beckoned us to cross it.

A bridge.

Sturdy bolts holding the bridge together.

Art on the bridge.

My little shadow on the Colorado river.

A selfie on the bridge.


Thankful for others creativity.

Wait just one second.  I believe there is a mouse in our house.  He or she jumped in Patrick's backpack and helped itself to Patrick's cookie and toilet paper.

Enjoying our anniversary dinner on the deck....

with this view.....

as the sun sets.

My handsome man enjoying a quiet evening with me.