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For Today... April 11, 2016

Outside my window... red wing blackbirds are singing accompanied by robins and finches.  They must be thanking God for an absolutely beautiful morning.  Sun is shining brightly and the wind is gently whispering.

I am thinking... and praying for my friend Mindy who has been dealing with influenza in the family all weekend.  She doesn't feel so great herself this morning and her daughter who has Mitochondrial disease has a fever which very often leads to seizures.  If you pray, please lift her up this morning too.

I am thankful... I am able to enjoy four seasons in this part of the country.  It is such joy to celebrate spring after a long gray winter.

I am wearing... black yoga pants, gray tank top and a plum pullover fleece.  I will hopefully enjoy a walk this morning before my day starts.

I am creating... a terrarium.  Going to make a test run today so that I can know what to expect on Friday when we will be putting them together with the kids.

I am going... to go through the stack of mail that is about 3 inches tall.  Have I ever told you I'm a procrastinator?

I am wondering... what might be the best approach to teach Mason how to read?  He is five and is expressing an interest in knowing what things say.

I am reading... well, I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward by Nabeel Qureshi.  I heard Susie Larson's interview with Nabeel and just had to purchase the book.  It arrives today!

I am hoping... to bless Mindy with a meal she won't have to cook today.

I am learning... how much being real and transparent can bless the people you share with.  Heard three life stories yesterday and was blessed beyond measure.

In my garden... well, since the spring weather has been so much like winter, the garden is still sleeping.  However, after getting together supplies for the terrariums, I've been inspired to get some seedlings started.  Hey, better late than never.

In my kitchen... going to make Rosemary Ranch Chicken for dinner for the first time.  Not sure what I'll make for sides yet.

In the homeschool room... we are on our last unit of the school year!  Woot, woot.  The kids are also seeing light at the end of the tunnel in that they are just starting to finish up some of their subjects.  Ethan was calculating how many math lessons he had left and was pleasantly surprised.

A favorite quote for today...

A peek into one of my days...
A rare 'big' smile from this 15 year old.  Warms my heart.

One of my favorite things... green apple Jolly Ranchers.

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  1. Prayers for your friend and her family

  2. Your day sounds lovely! I love all the birds when they're all twittering around and singing. It's one of my favourite things about living here, that we have birds singing almost year-round. It makes up for the heat and humidity. I will definitely be lifting your friend, Mindy, and her family, in my prayers. I hope you have a wonderful week!


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