Our Unit Celebration Sock Hop

So, I have overdue library books that need to get back.  I have an hour of time in which I can return said library books or I can blog.  I am guilty of blogging and will pay another day of fines.  However, I can't help myself.  If I don't blog now, I will not get it done.

I wanted to share some photos from our 1950s sock hop.  Our co-op celebrated the end of our 3rd unit by enjoying root beer floats, hamburgers and french fries, a variety of candies, great music from the era, bowling, trying out the hula hoops and catching up with friends.

Megan and Mason posing for the camera.


Our 2010 era clothing brought us back in time to the 1950s.

Our fearless leader and her son.  This is their last sock hop with us. :(

Thanks to one family's creativity, Mason was able to enjoy a sweet treat.

Can you say cheeseburger?!

Most likely discussing their favorite record album.

Sadly,  I forgot to take more pictures, but this will help me to remember what we did when we study the 1950s in another 4 years.  My oldest will have graduated from high school by then!!!!  Yikes!


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