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simple woman's daybook

For Today... May 26, 2015 Outside my window... the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I can almost hear the grass growing! I am thinking... of this blog, this past holiday weekend and my schedule for the next few weeks. I am thankful... for the freedom to write this blog, for those who wrote the constitution and those who serve our country to keep the freedom's we have. I am wearing... gray capri pants with a black "Third Day" t-shirt, earrings I purchased in Africa and my Fitbit that is telling me I only have 2,579 steps so far today. I am creating sewing... curtains for my living room. I am going... to do a lot of laundry today.  Spill over from our weekend camping.  Then, I'm going to pack for a vacation. I am wondering... what kind of bird was just in my backyard.  It somewhat resembled a catbird, but looked as if it had a black mask over it's eyes.... I think.  I have the binoculars ready in case I get another opportunity. I am reading... Dragonfly in Amber b…