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For Today.. February 17, 2015 Outside my window... blue sky and bright sunshine, birds at the feeder and a brisk wind.

I am thinking... about my poor neglected blog.  I wish I felt more creative lately. 
I am thankful... for a warm jacket and a warm house.
In the kitchen... the refrigerator is full of ingredients for a week's worth of meals.  I just need to work my magic and make the meals.
I am wearing... raspberry colored sweater, blue jeans and wool socks.
I am creating... a new me.  Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.  I hope I never stop growing and changing.
I am going... to squeeze in some exercise today. 
I am wondering... what life will look like when Logan starts driving in a few years.
I am reading... Fearless by Max Lucado.
I am hoping... to wash the vehicle before another cold front moves in. 
I am looking forward to... women's retreat this weekend!
I am learning... to be more open and trusting.
Around the house... studious children, a lazy dog, a dishwasher full o…


As I was out shoveling, I noticed Winter making itself at home.... Winter sits upon the chair.
Winter built a little house.
Winter spread it's blanket upon this place.