I'm Bored

Have you seen this floating around on Pinterest or perhaps even Facebook?

I have and I didn't think much about it until one of my children came to me the other day and told me he was bored.  I remember saying this to my mom too.  Sorry mom! 
My standard response to the 'I'm bored' statement is, "Which chore would you like to do?"  That question usually causes the offending child to quickly seek the nearest exit, leaving me to my project once again.  However, he tends to be a repeat offender, coming back after a short amount of time saying those words again just to make sure I know he's bored.  Again, I believe I was guilty of this infraction myself as a child.  And again, sorry mom!
I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ couldn't stop raving about this poster.  She loved it and was very excited to try it with her children.  Like I've mentioned before, I'm a good copier.  So, the next time this particular child told me he was bored, I told him I had just the thing.  He was a bit surprised that I didn't immediately ask which chore he'd like to do, so I caught him off guard and he willingly made this poster and tacked it up in the kitchen.
Guess what I found today?  My always bored child was reading a book!!  (I put two exclamation points because this child is one who doesn't enjoy reading very much.)  I'm giving credit to the poster for this sudden interest in reading and for a peaceful afternoon in which I've yet to hear the words 'I'm bored.'