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FOR TODAY February 25,2014
Outside my window... it's dark and cold and the wind is fierce.
I am thinking... of future blog posts I'd like to write.
I am thankful... for time away from my everyday life.
In the kitchen... whew!  What's not in the kitchen right now? The kitchen counters are littered with books, magazines, 2 cameras, the binoculars are still out from when I watched the bald eagle, bottles of water waiting to be put away, a toy football, my sunglasses and cell phone!
I am wearing... a red sweater, blue jeans and warm socks.
I am creating... contrary to what's in the kitchen right now, I'm still creating more organized spaces.  My pantry items are finally here, I've re-organized the spices and I've spent some time in the basement too.
I am going... on a hunt for the perfect coffee table.  Ours is still functional, but we've had it since we were married (almost 18 years ago) and I'd like a new one someday.
I am wondering... how the young man offer…

Packing for the Trip

This is what my three year old son packed for a recent trip to Grandma's:
Blanket, socks, underwear, a truck, a Lincoln log, toy razor, gum and a piggy bank complete with coins.

I Got a Valentine From Matt Damon

Well, sort of.

It says it's from Matt.  Actually it says, "Love, Matt".  However, Matt has no idea where I live and probably doesn't even know he's my celebrity crush.  And the handwriting looks suspiciously like that of one of my good friend's.   George Clooney and Matt Damon aren't the only ones who can play practical jokes on one another.

When I opened the valentine, I giggled, blushed and chuckled to myself.  I love my friends and their senses of humor.  I might just put this valentine on the bulletin board for a while to make me smile and remind me of my great friends.

Happy Valentine's Day♥ (p.s. When I did spell check, it didn't like Clooney and suggested colon.  That made me chuckle too.)

the simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY February 3, 2014
Outside my window... bare branches standing still against a muted blue sky with below zero temperatures hovering. I am thinking... that I need to put the house back in order.  There are miscellaneous items that don't belong in almost every room. I am thankful... oh so thankful for God's amazing(!) grace. In the kitchen... chicken chili for dinner, a grocery list and a menu plan for the week. I am wearing... my favorite red yoga pants, tank top and navy blue fleece pullover from LLBean. I am creating... more organized spaces, slowly and surely.  My prize from Better Homes and Gardens just might come someday. [sigh] I am going... to enjoy the fact that we are half-way through our school year.  Only 18 more weeks to go.  I think I can, I think I can. I am wondering... how to organize the spice cabinet?  Should I use a tiered rack, put racks on the door or use a turntable? I am reading... The Book Thief by Markus Zusak I am hoping... the month of February will be …